We turn ideas into works of art

Combining personal experience gained in the international fashion industry, with design and fabrication skills honed by our workshop team, we offer handmade leather accessories to complement any setting.   

Our collection includes unique propositions in design and colour, suitable for any stylistic preference or life style, featuring high quality leathers that love to be touched.

Eye-catching items which perform a function while adding to space aesthetics, offering both comfort and variety in customizing options.

The company founder, Maria Alifieri, began her career in the fashion industry as a professional model.

Early on in her modelling years she warmed to the idea of becoming a creator herself, designing and fabricating items that would reflect her own notion of how class and quality should look and feel like, while making her mark on what the market then had to offer.

Choosing the material of leather as her vehicle she approached the design and application needs she had visualized, gradually learning how to choose and process materials from a number of expert craftsmen she was fortunate to work with. The company's presence was initially focused on women's handbags and fashion accessories, later including items for home and office use.

After some time, the need to reinvent the company’s creative imprint through search of more elaborate formats, led Maria and the creative team to explore the unique requirements of custom made items, such as home and yacht furniture, hotel and restaurant equipment.

For more than 35 years Maria Alifieri has been designing and manufacturing leather goods, steadily developing her craft while staying true to the distinctive character of the truly handmade.

Always passionate for the unique texture of leather, she continues to explore its effect on style for both personal and business settings.

Using premier quality leather as our crafting material, our designs aspire to meet the aesthetic appeal we all seek in our daily experience.

The beginning involved women’s accessories. The next step included purpose-crafted items for home and office use.

As design and fabrication projects evolved, collaborations with museums, distinguished hotels, architectural design firms and yacht charter companies were developed.

Leather application diversity is limitless. Leather covering of large surface areas, in whole or in part, including doors, railings, tables or chairs, becomes is an important part of services provided by our workshop. So do restoration projects.

The pursuit of a high quality end result, owing to thoroughly tested materials of different properties, combined with a keen sense of blending styles and deco.

The leather goods workshop of Maria Alifieri has been steadily growing for more than 35 years.

Following European quality standards from selecting raw materials through to all design and fabrication taking place in our workshop, our leather items can be purchased from choice retail stores.

From then on taking part in the life of our customers, floating through time. 


Using premier quality leather as our crafting material, our designs aspire to meet the aesthetic appeal we all seek in our daily experience.

Constantly experimenting with new forms we strive to reinvent our relationship with leather, while maintaining the high value standards our customers have come to expect, always putting quality before quantity.
In essence, every leather item receives the attention needed to become a part of your life and special to you.

Our select handmade items are available both in domestic and abroad, through a network of partner retail stores. Our online shop is currently being set up.

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